About Coletta Investment Research, Inc.

Coletta Investment Research is focused on exploring, developing, and testing; financial models, methods of analysis, trading tools, and investment/trading systems.

Our work is centered on researching the markets to identify profitable methods of analysis and trading systems.  We utilize fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis.  In addition, we spend time researching cutting edge developments in behavioral finance and investor psychology.

We also realize that there are limitations to models when it comes to finance and we believe investors and traders would be wise to read the Financial Modelers’ Manifesto by Emanual Derman and Paul Wilmott.   Below is an excerpt from the Manifesto, The Moldelers’ Hippocratic Oath from which we wholeheartedly agree and abide by

The Modelers’ Hippocratic Oath

  • I will remember that I didn’t make the world, and it doesn’t satisfy my equations.
  • Though I will use models boldly to estimate value, I will not be overly impressed by mathematics.
  • I will never sacrifice reality for elegance without explaining why I have done so.
  • Nor will I give the people who use my model false comfort about its accuracy. Instead, I will make explicit its assumptions and oversights.
  • I understand that my work may have enormous effects on society and the economy, many of them beyond my comprehension

Our Companies:

C.J. Coletta & Company, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor that offers discretionary portfolio management services for individual and institutional clients.  www.cjcoletta.com

Coletta Publishing, LLC engages in various eCommerce activities including the publishing of newsletters, educational videos, and other publications that comment on the market and provide investment related content through the internet; www.rebelofwallstreet.com; www.stockmarketrebel.com.


Mr. John Anderson, http://demolink.org
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Our Team

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    CJ Coletta
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